Abdu Ali centers black excellence with drumBOOTY Podcast and event series

Illustration by @tttheartist @ttsart21

Illustration by @tttheartist @ttsart21

There’s no shortage of podcasts in the world these days. However, finding one from a queer person of color is not easy, and finding one that cares about and engages black culture, art and community is even harder. Well, rest assured, drumBOOTY is the warmhearted and enlightening podcast that hits all the marks.

This Baltimore-based production is the labor of love and brainchild of Abdu Ali. After years of success as a musician and writer, Abdu first explored the world of podcasts back in 2017. Topics ranged from DIY black art, black mental health, travel and more. After a short break, the second season holds no punches either, including subjects like navigating gender, desirability politics, colorism, etc.

Each show brings on new guests, some are artists whose names you may know, but all of them are artists you should know. Hearing work and authentic stories from the likes of Lawrence Burney, Darnell L. Moore, Bilphena Yahwon, Tygapaw, Devin Allen and Jamie Grace Alexander, brings us into a more intimate space with these people. Abdu highlights these voices of excellence in our community, and gives a spotlight on folks worth listening to.

Photos by Sydney J. Allen aka  aBaltimoregriot

Photos by Sydney J. Allen aka aBaltimoregriot

drumBOOTY is a conversation, it spends time at the overlooked and necessary parts of the black experience. This podcast is the kickback with all the right people, an exercise in black empowerment. It makes so much sense, then, that drumBOOTY has expanded into a curatorial platform. drumBOOTY is moving forward as a creator of interdisciplinary events that prioritize social dialogue “in order to provide space for the advancement and nourishment of black creative voices.” Abdu Ali has been giving the people what they want for more than a while now, and among the podcast, the music and the parties, we definitely want more drumBOOTY. Keep it up, we’re tuned in.

Baltimore fam, drumBOOTY is hosting DrumBOOTY ft MHYSA at Metro Gallery this Saturday!
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Nicholas Goodly is an Atlanta poet and the Writing Editor of WUSSY MAG.