Watch the Sweet and Smutty Music Video for "Slow" by Matracia

It is as cold as Donald Trump’s heart right now, but we at Wussy have something to warm your you up: a bedroom pop ballad about wanting it to take it slow with a new lover with a sex-filled video to match.

“Slow” is the first single from Brooklyn based songwriter Matracia.  Sonically the song falls in line with indie rock mainstays like Beach House as well as throwback jams like Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” The video, filmed in Provincetown, is a dreamy romp through the town’s beaches that plays like my gay fantasy: bike rides, showers together, blow jobs under the pier.  


‘Summer Lovin’ is a hetero tale as old as time, but small details like the line “Searching for your jock” and the scene where Matracia’s paramour throws a vial of poppers into a tip bucket make it clear this song is for fags. It’s refreshing to see a song about new love be pair with a video that’s so full of sex, since most gay men I know tend to fall in love after fucking heavily a few times. Plus, Matracia’s lover is a total babe (here’s his instagram if you’re feeling thirsty this vday).

“Slow was written as a tender look at sex between two men in the early stages of falling in love; becoming aware of those moments where you’re really starting to feel ‘stuff’ haha” Matracia says.

The musician plans on releasing his six song album titled "Summer Cruel" at some point in the near future. Until then, hit repeat on the video.

Mo Wilson is a writer and sometimes DJ living in Brooklyn. He also throws indie rock/punk shows with the booking collective Booked By Grandma and loves plastic jewelry. You can find him on Twitter @sadgayfriendx and Instagram at @djgaypanic