It’s Still the Age of Aquaria: An Interview With the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 Winner

Photos provided by Aquaria

Photos provided by Aquaria

From the moment Aquaria walked into the workroom on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, we knew she’d be a fierce force. This soon-to-be skinny legend was daring with her style and wit, had the invaluable shade of a squad of Instagram followers, and has one of the most iconic drag mothers in the game (Sharon Needles) -- but perhaps the Universe’s cue to us all that she was coming for the crown, honey, was that she’s a fucking Aquarius.

Not since Latrice Royale have I fallen this hard for a Drag Race-r that also happened to be a water bearer. Although she had a full arsenal of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, Aquaria’s young age and Instagram fame seemed to mean to some viewers and fellow contestants that she would be all lewks with no range.

To prove that theory absolutely false, here’s a few facts that make Aquaria’s win historic in the herstory of the show: she was the only contestant to win both the Ball and the Snatch Game in her season, her and Sharon Needles are the only drag mother and daughter to have both won their respective seasons, and she’s the youngest crowned queen in the herstory of Drag Race.

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Beyond these accolades, Aquaria has gone on to appear in the pages of Vogue and is represented by IMG. While other queens and winners have gone on to model in the high fashion arena, appear in feature films, and continue to build their brands, Aquaria is careful about not only what she puts her name on, but also how she spreads the vital message of inclusivity in the queer community.

She recently publicly criticized the Season 11 queen ruveal, which she hosted with Adam Rippon. In a series of tweets post-promo, she went on to say that she was “pretty sad that my only role was to embarrass every single contestant versus uplifting them and myself and showing the world the art of drag.” If you know anything about Aquarians, you know that they make it their mission to promote causes that benefit humanity, the Earth, or any other goddamn thing they feel like that day.

In true Aquarius uniqueness fashion, there’s no other queen like Aquaria, and that’s why we love her. Post-Aquarius season, I caught up with the reigning queen to discuss her life after Drag Race, her unyielding style, and who she’s rooting for for the Season 11 win.

From a fellow Aquarius, (Full disclosure: we have the same birthday.) how was your Aquarius season?

Well being able to celebrate my birthday as a reigning queen was pretty iconic. 2019 has been an amazing year and it’s only up from here.

What have you been doing since your Drag Race win?

What haven’t I been doing is the easier question to answer. I’ve been working on everything that inspires me… photo shoots, music videos, fashion… this is the “Age of Aquaria” after all.

Few have been able to rival the stunning eeriness of your drag mother, Sharon Needles. How did you two celebrate your win?

When I won, mommy dearest was in Mexico so she sent me a really nice video congratulating me with Halle-lo queen herself, Shangela.

Some of your looks, worn on and off Drag Race have become iconic. Can you tell us what you gravitate towards, or how you individualize your style?

I have a very sporadic, maybe even chaotic, creative mind. If you watched the show, you may have noticed that. I just get a vision, Raven style, of what I want to see.

You recently criticized the reveal of the Season 11 Drag Race queens. We applaud you for your honesty. How do you think the show can make itself a little more progressive?

Advertise these queens and the wonderful art they do, not make them stack cups.

Regardless of the reveal, do you have any Season 11 favorites so far? You're going to have to bestow your crown onto one of them…

I’m rooting for all of them, my NYC sisters hold a special place though.

Being such a young queen, how do you plan on using your platform for the queer community?

I hope to inspire the community to be more inclusive and embrace our differences.

What can we expect from Aquaria in the future?

Nothing too big except maybe be ready for me to take over the universe.

Catch Aquaria in all her stunning glory at SPRUNG! Hosted by WUSSY at The Deep End Atlanta on March 23rd.