Yvie Oddly is the Breakout Star of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 11

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Sometimes it becomes obvious very early on when a queen is going to dominate a season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Season three was Raja (with an assist from Perez Hilton). Bianca Del Rio sailed through season six and Bob the Drag Queen started showboating her way to the crown on season eight as early as episode three.

And y’all? Yvie Oddly gonna win season eleven.

Sure, there’s strong competition across the board, but all I heard last night was RuPaul saying “No one else is doing what Yvie Oddly is doing.” As far as the drag you see on the Mrs. Charles Drag Hour goes, she’s not wrong. But Yvie’s style of drag exists in local drag scenes all over the country.

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It’s a clever, campy, resourceful, unexpected and fun approach, and it’s the raw essence and lifeblood of the drag world. She’s a true artist at heart with the skills to match, a sharp wit and the chops to deliver on acting challenges.

Her biggest strength might be her confidence—something that especially comes through when we learn about her connective tissue disorder. Often on Drag Race, we see contestants jumping to share sensitive personal information about themselves, and many times it can seem disingenuous to the audience, Eureka. So it’s actually empowering to see someone talk about a physical disability openly and nonchalantly, immediately dismissing it as any kind of obstacle. It’s also a nice bit of representation to see someone with melanin get due praise for being an innovative artistic powerhouse. And she really is a powerhouse. I could see her easily snatching a Dragula crown after this.

Still don’t believe the T, Christine? Need more Opalence as proof?

Here’s this many reasons Yvie Oddly deserves to earn everything:

1.) OOAK, Head-to-Toe Looks:

2) She makes fanart of herself

c.) And it’s better than 99% of the merch other queens put out (oddlyyvie.com)


6.) 9.) She got a big dick that no one will stop talking about

J.) She’s not afraid to speak up


7.) and tell the T

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 10.04.54 AM.png

8.) the whole T


100.) And nothing but the T


That last one really seals the deal.

Ugh, her mind!