Premiere: BK rapper Uncle Meg covers Yung Lean's 'Yoshi City'

PHOTO: Nick LaClair

PHOTO: Nick LaClair

The past three years have been a sort of chrysalis phase for Brooklyn’s Uncle Meg. Much like a caterpillar must first digest itself before it grows into its final form, the rapper began a process of self-realization in 2016 with the release of his debut album, Bug. 2017 brought his second studio release, Can’t Stay the Same, which one could argue is Uncle Meg’s cocoon album.

On April 5th, we’ll catch a glimpse of Uncle Meg’s metamorphosis results. Internal struggles and external struggles have merged to create Butterfly, a five-track EP inspired by his first two years of transition. Just like the namesake of the title track, the “Butterfly” begins inside its encasement, shivering and building a new exterior that is unfamiliar and yet still known. In “Cocoon,” an emergence takes place and the new being understands that even though he might be flailing around, with limbs that don’t match up correctly and wings that don’t support fully.

The wreckage of a past skeleton is acknowledged with “Chopper Jet,” and the final song, “Take Me Away,” brings the listener face to face with the realization that sweetness can only be balanced by salt. Without the internal and external struggles Uncle Meg has experienced, he would have never learned to fly.

To accompany his new EP’s release, Uncle Meg also released a cover and accompanying video of Swedish rapper Yung Lean’s “Yoshi City.” At first glance, it might be difficult to put a finger on why Uncle Meg might have chosen Yung Lean to cover, but further investigation shows that both rappers fall into a category of musicians that wear their hearts on their sleeves. Whether you categorize them as emo rap or sad rap, they both believe in what connects us all as human: sharing their stories as honestly and openly as possible.

From just a bug to a fully-fledged butterfly, we’re excited to see Uncle Meg spread his wings.

Uncle Meg's new EP, 'Butterfly' comes out on April 5th.

Jill Firns (she/her) is a queer writer and DJ in St. Louis, MO. Her passions include hyping up fellow queer pals, attempting to keep plants alive past one week, and over-utilizing the Oxford comma.