Premiere: "Laws of Attraction" by Siena Liggins is Queer pop perfection

PHOTO: Dionta Jones

PHOTO: Dionta Jones

Detroit-based Siena Liggins has blessed us with her latest single “Laws of Attraction”, only further proving everything this pop princess touches is primo.

Flourishing amongst the accolades of Assemble Sound, Siena’s steady release of singles in 2018 have each stood out individually in sleek perfection. “Me Again”, “Naked” and “Flowerbomb” all bounce in equal measures of sensuality and sweetness (the latter we premiered last July, a wistful makeout summer jam leaving us craving more). In strong stature amongst both the mover and shakers of the Detroit music scene and the queer community, Siena Liggins continues to lay down fire tracks the pop world needs to be listening to right now.

Last year’s trio of fire singles have certainly been a very bright beginning, showing the artist is far beyond an indie ingenue. Regardless of being somewhat new to recording, the compositions and vocal stylings are light years beyond some decades-long radio stars. Collaborating on each 2018 release with fellow Assemble artist Nydge, teaming up again for “Laws of Attraction” resulted in a slightly different vibe though definitively true to Siena’s signature sound.

“Laws of Attraction” dives deeper into uncharted emotional intoxication, its subject matter and tone somewhat less carefree from the past yet continuously catchy in its maturity and mood. Layered and brooding, “Laws of Attraction” lives on an edge of desire and destruction. It seethes with anticipation, motifs looming through each moment, a devilishly delicious track displaying Siena’s range in musical expression. Siena Liggins sparkles in the manner which she navigates songwriting and dreamwork/teamwork, glowing-up, communally connected and, above all, growing further into her own to a hopeful long career she well deserves.

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Sunni Johnson is the Arts Editor of WUSSY and a writer, zinester, and musician based in Atlanta, GA.