Andy Zone Six Embraces Transcendent Vulnerability in newest video “SAFE”

PHOTO: Talecia Tucker

PHOTO: Talecia Tucker

Since the initial arrival of 2017’s minimalistic “Next Up”, Andy Zone Six has shown great growth with his 8-song EP, Atlanta Weather (presented by RapFest) and two high-spirited singles he’s released in between. His most recent song “SAFE” surfaced in February, its mantra-esqe message simmering like a sacred tome. In all its serene yet sensual flow, “SAFE” is bolstered with the singer, musician and producer in primary focus, lounging throughout looms of textural atmosphere, embracing moments of softness and yet emitting a surefire position of strength.  

Andy Z6’s artful edits paired with its vulnerability forms a heartful honesty (not to mention its extra dose of serious dream lover hunkiness). Buttery neo-soul keys and unhurried beats ground “SAFE”’s coo but the video itself is directed on its own itinerary of slick technique. “The tight angles tie in the intimacy of the message while solitude emphasizes the selfishness of the lyrics,” Andy explains. “I planned for the visual to be released during the warmer months, so that meant I had to shoot the swimming scenes during the end of December. It was freezing but it in the end it helps to convey that it's okay to feel love again even after being hurt or hurting someone else.”  

Atlanta-based Andy has a studious awe for audio engineering and has leaned on the joys of technicality to deal with previous tumultuous relationships and the stress of multiple jobs. A smart redirection, he started by paying it forward through running sessions for others out of his past tiny apartment. The development of Andy’s artistry and ingenuity has been a sanctuary of steady focus, his production and compositional works hearkening him to a higher path:  “I knew that I had a purpose in the industry even if I didn't know what it was yet. I have been creating music throughout my life and decided to study what I was passionate about. I did not see much representation or reflection of myself in the music industry apart from the derogatory tabloids of outed artists and creatives. I started making music and connecting with Atlanta artists by writing and producing music for them.”


Coming out also posed a welcoming creative growth with the added element of release and relief. “It was challenging to convey my emotions with integrity,” Andy says of his career. “However, the challenge helped me to write music in a way that transcends my own sexuality and become ambiguous to my listeners. I have so many people that reach out to me that respect my art - hetero men and women and queer listeners across the spectrum. My goal is to grow an inclusive musical/creative community as I move forward.”

With an upcoming project centered around mental health and the importance of self-care as a queer artist, the ERA: I EP is slated for this Spring. Bursting forth with 2+ years of a rich catalog in EPs and singles, as well as community contributions, Andy Z6’s consummation of creative work has an intensive intentional breadth. Even in flirting with genres or ideas, each release unfolds an allowance of freshness, evolution and soul. Naturally “SAFE” is another bright light leading the way on Andy’s path, a microcosm in what will be a long illustrious career:  “After learning a few karmic love lessons, I wrote this song to express how grateful I am to still desire to love. ‘SAFE’ says to the listener, ‘I have grown to understand the depth of our connection and hurting you would only hurt me. You're safe.’"

Sunni Johnson is the Arts Editor of WUSSY and a writer, zinester, and musician based in Atlanta, GA. 

Photos by Talecia Tucker