New Spice Girls film in the works, with all 5 members attached


Girl Powah is back on the big screen at last.

If you never got the chance to see Spice World in theaters on an awkward first date with a girl because you didn’t want to admit you were gay, you may get another chance. According to Variety, Paramount is planning to release an animated feature with all 5 Spice Girls (or all 4 Spice Girls and Victoria Beckham if Mrs. Beckham is reading this). Since it’s animated, we may not technically see them all in the same room at the same time, but we can rest assured their lawyers probably were.

The project is being spearheaded by Paramount Animation president Mireille Soria whose studio boasts some legit girl power with a majority female senior staff. The film is expected to spice up our lives at some point in 2020 and is rumored to have a superhero theme centered around each Spice Girl’s brand of Girl Power. Like the original, the story will be based on input from the actual Spice Girls, so if nothing else, we are probably in for a ludicrous romp that will put the camp at the Met Gala to shame. My secret wish is that they fight another group of evil, jealous Spice Girls with disappointing names like Paprika and Cardamom, but I’ll settle for as many bad spice jokes as they can fit into the script.

No previews of the animation style or imagery are available yet, but enough of us at Wussy are obsessed with this project that they’ll be posted the second they become available. Oh, and did I mention there’s gonna be new music? BECAUSE THERE’S GONNA BE NEW MUSIC.

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