WUSSY's big gay Stonewall 50 playlist


Pride Playlists tend to be pretty monolithic. Gays (like we do with all things) have monopolized what we think of as queer music: Broadway, dance pop, and disco. It’s worth noting like many things that become Gay Culture writ large, disco and house started as a music by and for queer people of color in urban cities. But that’s another article.

Now that we’re a approaching 50 years since Stonewall, it’s time for Pride Playlists whose musical genres encompass the breadth of the queer experience. Queers are making country and punk music, not just songs you’ll here in a local gay bar. For our Stonewall Playlist, WUSSY has assembled 50 songs, from the classics to the current to the undercurrents. Most of them are by queer artists, and a solid 3rd of them are making music right now.

There are punk jams from Empath, Control Top, Thick. There are emotionally charged indie songs from Mallrat, Adult Mom, and Katie Dey. There’s boundary-pushing pop from Jackie Mendoza, Zah, and MNEK. Still, while it’s true the we want less heterosexual queer icons in 2019, it wouldn’t feel like a pride playlist without including timeless bops like Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out.” Now THAT is how you write a queer song as an ally Taylor Swift.

Listen to the (in no way comprehensive) playlist via Spotify below and sound off and what songs we missed in the comments.

Mo Wilson is a writer and sometimes DJ living in Brooklyn. He also throws indie rock/punk shows with the booking collective Booked By Grandma and loves plastic jewelry. You can find him on Twitter @sadgayfriendx and Instagram at @djgaypanic